Friday, April 28, 2006

Bragging again

Sorry, but I must squeal with delight and point everyone to Amazon, where the new Cat Scratch Fever cover is up.

Damn, I loooove this cover. The British cover is nice. Don't get me wrong; the red-haired cover model is sexy and could definitely give someone a case of ... some kind of fever if she set her mind to it. But this one is hot, hot, hot.

It also says "erotic romance" to me for some reason, more than the other cover. This is good for two reasons. One is story-related: there's plenty of random sex between secondary characters, but there's also a romance at the core of the book, so I'm glad to see that reflected more. The second has to do with marketing: erotic romance gets shelved in the main section of Borders, not tucked away in whatever odd corner the erotica goes in, and that means more people will find it.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Publishers Weekly ad!

Cat Scratch Fever is one of two titles featured in a full-page Virgin Books ad in the April 17 issue of Publisher's Weekly.

This is the issue published in conjunction with BookAmerica Expo, a huge trade show, and Virgin is using our novel to promote their book. Being featured in this ad is pretty huge, especially for a new name.

And the US cover is much hotter than the UK one.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Reading in Providence

Sorry about the short notice, folks.

I will be reading from The Hawk's Frequency, my new poetry book (with cover illustration by the fabulous Sarah Gwordz--check it out!) at Reflections Cafe in Providence on Tuesday night.

I think I go on at 7:30.

If you're local, come on down! The cafe is located at 468 Wickendon Street and is supposed to be very artsy, queer-friendly, and pleasant. Books will be available for sale.

Friday, April 14, 2006

I hate when it gets like this...

I have a proposal I need to get out.

My brain is refusing to function.

I have spring fever so badly that all I want to do is play hooky, and soft, lovely weather is not helping this state.

And my characters have gotten themselves into a conversation that, if they were real people in real life, would be critical to have at this stage of their proto-relationship, but is not all that exciting to read in its current form. If they don't have this conversation at all, they will appear Too Dumb to Waste Time Reading About to anyone with common sense, but if they have too much of it, they will be Too Dull to Bother Reading About.

I'm thinking of leaving it minimal, skipping ahead to the sex--it's an erotic romance, after all, and sex is kind of important--and coming back to the conversation later. Sex is a good thing to write when you have a bad case of spring fever, right? Might as well finish making myself restless and distracted!