Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two down, one to go

kinetic, tendril, bliss, embolden, blossom

In the kinetic light of early morning
The garden dances. Each dew-startled leaf,
Each blossom of the cosmos planted
To attract bees to the pumpkins shimmies
On a barely perceptible breeze.
I wander my personal Eden, drunk
On growth and rampant beauty, blessed and smeared
With the sharp-scented green gold
Of tomato pollen, a tendril
Of romano bean vine tangled
In my uncombed hair, nibbling
An infant zucchini for breakfast. Then I spy
The season’s first ripe tomato. Emboldened
By the lonely hour and the lush beauty
Of my garden, I do a mad Snoopy dance
Between tomatoes and peppers.

The first poem I wrote today is more a reminder of a poem I want to write, at this point, so I won't post it yet. But I'm counting it toward the challenge.