Monday, May 23, 2011

An off-topic plea for help

Regular readers might remember me mentioning my friend Randy here on several occasions. He's a blind mountain climber and martial artist, an all around inspirational guy--and I believe I've offered him up for other folks to use as a hero, since I know the "real" Randy too well to do do so. Well, Randy is a board member at New Hampshire Association for the Blind. Every year, in June, NHAB has a walkathon to support its program, and for the last few years, I've walked with Randy's team, raising my pittance for programs that aid visually impaired New Hampshire residents.

Anyway, it's that time of year again. If you're in a position to support a good cause,  I urge you to go to my donation page and make a contribution. Doesn't have to be a big one. Every little bit helps support a great cause.

Since this is a blog about romance and erotica writing, I'll throw in the romantic bit of the NHAB story. Several years back I dragged my friend Tracy along for the walk and she met Randy. I can't call it love at first sight (and not just because I can imagine the bad jokes Randy would make about my using that cliched expression about him!), but it was certainly intrigued at first acquaintance, and it grew from there.  She is now Mrs. Randy . I was in their wedding last year. Randy's guide dog had a tux of his own for the occasion.


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