Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Whoo-whoo, more good writing news!

Another acceptance, this one for a Rachel Kramer Bussel anthology called Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica. It's not due out until July, but it's up at Amazon already.

And the cover is lovely, at least if you have an aesthetic appreciation for the female butt. (I do.) In an ideal world, I suppose they'd have two editions, one with a girl-butt, one with a boy-butt, to appeal to the whole spectrum of readers. Personally I like the female form on covers, but as a bi woman, I can both identify and appreciate. I suppose a fairly large segment of the population would prefer to do their lusting after a male.

Of Femmes and Foals

I'm proud to be part of a new anthology, Lipstick on Her Collar, and today I'm talking to the editors, Sacchi Green and Rakelle Valencia, over on Lust Bites. (If you're at work, please note that Lust Bites is not really work-safe for most offices. We're all erotica writers, so explicit excerpts, dubious double-entendres, and suggestive pictures are the order of the day.)

This anthology is all about fabulous femmes and the women who love them, and you can win a copy of the book if you comment over there. Even if lesbian erotica isn't your preferred flavor, pop on over and check it out. We're talking about all sorts of things, from femmes to the writing and editing process to the state of the GBLT press to...horses. Yes, horses, because Rakelle is a real-life cowboy. Or is that cowboi? In any case, she's a horse breeder and trainer and right now she's got foaling on the brain.

We've got Sacchi on the left and Rakelle on the right. You may note that neither of them looks like a femme. That would be where I come in, I guess...I'm as girly as they come. Except in my user picture, where I simply look windblown.

Oh, and since there was no room for excerpts in the Lust Bites post, here are a few teasers...
First, from my story "Castling", which has some action in a ruined castle in Wales, and a heavy dose of swoopy romance--as well as naughty bits like the following:
I’ve never been able to figure out why having her suck the dildo excites me so much. It’s not like I can feel anything except the heat of her breath. Partly it’s the visual aspect, looking down at the sleek black hair, having her look up at me with such love and heat, watching that purple monstrosity slip in and out of her beautiful mouth and down her throat. Partly it’s because it gets her excited and anything that gets her going gets me going too. And all right, part of it is that I get a thrill out of having such a beautiful lady—and Vanessa is very much a lady, except when she chooses not to be—kneeling at my feet. We don’t play much with bondage or role-playing or anything like that, but I guess I have a bit of an inner top.

And now for Shanna Germain's "Dog Day Afternoon", in which a woman discovers her new dog groomer has some animal instincts of her own:

The leash around my waist and hands comes as a soft surprise, the blue
nylon tightening my wrists to my body. I want to say something, but
Jade's mouth is on my own, her tongue finding my voice and keeping it.
I am aware of her wrapping the leash around my body and wrists again,
of her holding onto the end of it and pulling me toward her, but all I
can feel is her tongue inside my mouth, the trail she's sending down
my spine every time she bites the edge of my lip.

Without letting go of the leash, she trails her tongue down my neck,
biting here and there in soft little puppy bites. She licks the fabric
of my shirt, circles both my breasts with her tongue without ever
touching my nipples. I'm aware of her mouth, the leash around my
wrists, but all I can really feel is my nipples, not being touched,
not being touched. She picks a random spot on my shirt, so close to my
nipple that if I close my eyes I can pretend I feel her hot wet tongue
against it, but really she's just sucking on my shirt, sending her
warm wet through the fabric. Teasing me...