Wednesday, November 08, 2006

No actual book progress yet today (I've been editing--one must get paid, after all, and I got off to rather a slow start on the day thanks to the remains of last night's Godawful Headache) but MMR continues to chug along. I'm relatively sure that a lot of what I'm writing will need to be moved around, changed drastically, or deleted altogether. But that's always the case, and at least Mr. Plot (or in the case of this book, Master Plot) is moving along nicely, far more nicely than it would have without the NaNoWriMo incentive.

To all of you doing NaNoWriMo--good luck and keep plodding, or plotting, along. I will be. Soon, I may even get a new progress graphic posted. Of course, that depends on the various editing projects. It's hard to say no to paying work, but having the other editing project (due 11/30) arrive in the midst of the current one and NaNoWriMo is creating havoc with my schedule. I'm still sorry I had to drop out of the dance performance on Dec. 3(for non-writing-related reasons) but I'm also relieved. One less thing to deal with.


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