Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Some days it feels glacial, but progress is happening.

Making Master Right got rejected from Black Lace. (Adam liked it, but felt it was kinkier than the line was looking for right now.) Undaunted...well, only slightly daunted... I sent the partial to Berkley HEAT and a query to Avon Red.

After a much needed reality check from Dayle ("Uh, honey? Those first ten pages or so? Nothing actually happens.") and much gnashing of teeth, I got the Controlled Burn partial off. I'm still not sure about this book. Some days I utterly believe in my funky women's fiction/romantic suspense fusion. Others I'm not so sure. One thing I am sure of is that it'll need an even more thorough overhaul from its draft from than I'd originally thought.

The new Sophie collaboration is underway, although I haven't gotten as far with it as I'd have liked for various reasons (including splitting headache, computer glitches, Real Life Intervening, and the need to wrap up a few other projects, such as the CB proposal). I'll see how much I can do tonight, although... how the heck did it get to be 9:45?

I've been sitting on the Ellora's Cave story for a few days, since I had a little more time than I thought, pondering questions of setting and the need to rewrite the opening. It's possible that if I enrich the setting, it will let me know it wants to turn into a longer work, and I'm okay with that.

Two short stories have been accepted in the past few days, one at, the other for an anthology called Lust: Erotic Fantasies for Women. I'll let folks know when they're actually available.


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