Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Readings are always interesting...

A small crowd on a rainy Tuesday night at Good Vibrations (which is definitely not Grand Openings anymore, despite my continuing wish to call it that. More spacious, tidier, yet colder somehow). We had 8 people reading and maybe twice that number in the audience, including my brave husband, as far as we could tell one of two bioguys (for want of a better term to distinguish them from the several transmen) in a room mostly full of queer women of various flavors.

I read my burlesque-and-lingerie-love story, got a lot of appreciative laughs for my delivery (and possibly for my dress--I went in "high femme" mode in a slinky black velvet dress with a dragon print, fishnets, and bright red lipstick). Wide variety of stories, most good--almost all of them with a butch-femme twist, which I found interesting. I really felt like prefacing mine with "Here's a telegram from the land of Femme-Femme love." But I didn't.

It's tempting to digress into a huge essay about "dressing your part" in queer/alternative circles, which I find quite fascinating, but that, I think, belongs on the personal blog. Not being part of any "circle" except my own, I dress as I see fit, which ranges from pjs to haut-femme.

But anyway...the reading. Great fun, but as I was leaving, I checked out what people were buying. All sorts of fun toys and lotions and potions, leading me to believe that our reading was "effective" and that many people were going home to enjoy exciting evenings with their lovers--but not a single book.



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