Thursday, September 28, 2006

And it's off...

My novella for Ellora's Cave, that is. (It was going to be for the Ellora's Cavemen anthology but by the time I gave it, oh, a setting, it was a bit too long for that.) Many thanks to Dayle and Janet for critting and to Dayle for giving it a good title, Lady Sun Has Risen, as opposed to the this-space-for-rent title I'd given it.

Next major project, in between bouts of editing, will be plowing through Making Master Right. Okay, so I haven't gotten the "call" on it yet. I still want it done! I have a few short story anthologies that are tempting me as well.

And poetry. Fall is poetry season.

Gods, I miss writing when I get so immersed in "need-it-now" freelance editing that I don't get to it for a while. The actual new word count on the EC anthology is fairly wee, but I did a lot of honing and fine-tuning and it felt amazing to be back in the saddle. Sadly, I still have editing to do, but the money will be wonderful when I get it!

In other news, Caught Looking:Erotic Tales of Voyeurs and Exhibitionists is out. I have a story in it (heavy, heavy d/s elements, so be warned) and so does Sophie (light, fun lesbians-at-play adventure).

And one of my favorite bondage stories will be coming soon to an Alison Tyler anthology near you. Nothing like seeing an acceptance note pop into the in-box as I'm gulping down that last bit of coffee before heading out to the brain-rotting part-time day job to make the day a bit brighter.

Don't forget the reading on 10/17 at Good Vibrations in Boston. Lesbian erotica by me and 7 other great local writers--just what the doctor ordered for a cold fall night!

(My, I'm rambling tonight. But it's almost 10 PM. I did bookkeeping all day and then finished a novella--and wrote the dreaded synopsis. I think I'm entitled to wander a bit. Perhaps, though< I won't try to squeeze in a bit of editing before I keel over.)


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