Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Three more short stories--two of mine, one Sophie Mouette--have been accepted in the past two days. Details will be posted closer to release date, as the anthologies are still many months away from seeing print. The two in one day (Dayle has a solo story in the same anthology, BTW) was particularly needed as it came on a day when I was feeling mentally exhausted, burned out, and discouraged. (It happens in this business. Publication doesn't make those days go away permanently. Good reviews don't. I bet Nora Roberts has 'em too. Of course, if she does get the writer's blues, she writes through them, which is why she's so prolific and some of us...aren't.)

I wish I could report that I've made great writing progress, but it hasn't been. Instead, I've made reasonably great progress toward stabilizing our finances, between various editing jobs and a new part-time data entry position. Having money is a Very Good Thing--in fact a critical thing--but I need to get into the rhythm of writing for at least a little while when the paid work's done. (The writing is paid work too, of course, but in the much longer term, and will not, oh, pay the mortgage.) I also spent some time being sick, which has slowed down the word count.

Yes, I'm grousing, and I really shouldn't be. I could have written tonight, for instance, but opted not to. Sometimes my brain gets tired of words and needs to recharge. Fortunately, I have a weekend planned that should recharge me: splitting and stacking wood, in the company of friends, and then a few days in Maine.


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