Thursday, November 02, 2006

MMR Progress

3069 new words, or thereabouts, yesterday. Today will be much slower, since it's Day Job Day and dance practice (in rehearsal for a performance, so I ought to go, although the temptation to blow it off is strong).

I'm trying to decide, since I'm more concerned with "a workable first draft" than "NaNoWriMo winner" whether I should start rearranging bits as I go, or just make notes to myself. (I think I have too much happening in the first weekend of the couple's relationship, that I'm rushing things, and that I can still keep the story flow and romantic/erotic tension if basically I say, "A week passed, filled with teasing phone calls and naughty text messages, but no actual time to see each other, and then, finally, it was Friday night." Only not in those words because, well, they suck.) Inclined to make the notes because otherwise I'll start fiddling and never get a draft done.

30,304 / 80,000


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