Saturday, November 11, 2006

The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get

Everything was looking good in Teresaland until Thursday. Thursday I got up, spent about half an hour on "writing-related work," mostly correspondence with Dayle and with various editor and half an hour on actual writing. Then I went off to my data-entry job.

Where I promptly realized I was sick, sick, sick.

I'll spare my gentle readers the details except that it was not a cold. The good side is once it was gone, by this morning, it was gone-daddy-gone, without lingering sneezles and wheezles.

So I get to spend a happy weekend playing catchup on everything. Taking a lunch break from the garden (which we determined had better get put to bed today, since tomorrow and the rest of this week look to be cold and rainy), then editing and writing...Luckily I love it all. But it does seem that just when I get a nice pattern down, something comes and derails me.

Perhaps I derail too easily.


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