Saturday, January 30, 2010

Big E-Book sale!

This just in! All Romance E-Books is having a sale this weekend. A super-secret, not so secret 50% off sale. Order all the books you want--including my Samhain and Phaze titles, I hope--and use the code SBTBARe1 at checkout.

The best news? It doesn't affect authors' royalties, so you can get yourself a great deal and your favorite authors still get paid.

This means I urge you to use the discount to pick up some of the fabulous "Coming Together" charity titles, such as Coming Together: Al Fresco, an anthology of outdoor sex stories with proceeds going to rainforest protection, or Coming Together: Against the Odds, sexy mysteries supporting autism research, or Coming Together: For the Cure, or any of a number of great titles. You save money and the charities still get all their usual funds. (I happen to have stories in Al Fresco and Against the Odds, but I receive nothing except a good feeling from the sales.)

Why is ARe doing this? Well, Amazon and mega-publisher MacMillan got into a snit about e-book pricing and Amazon booked Macmillan's e-titles. This seemed like a good opportunity for the smaller (and more author-friendly) store to get its name out there. Read more about the price wars here  and some engaging commentary (the source of this discount code), at a great blog with a tongue-in-cheek title, Smart Women, Trashy Books.

Go forth and shop!


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