Sunday, November 29, 2009

I have successfully Nano'ed.

Almost 52K when I finished my scene and called it officially a Nanowrimo.

It's still not a novel draft.It's the sequel to Lions' Pride, which is pretty long, and it seems it's going to follow in Lions' Pride's footsteps and end up around 90K. And boy is it ever sloppy, which is only to be expected. But I wrote more in a month than I have in ages--and I didn't drive myself to drink (except in pleasurable ways) doing it. The house got a bit dirty, but I even got that largely under control (OK, with a lot of help from Himself) today.

Tomorrow I may post about Thanksgiving and foodie finds, just as a change of post from all writing, all the time. (I have a fabulous family, and I love to eat. Part of what makes a writer human, you know.) But tonight, it's chocolate and Scotch time.

I've earned it!


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