Sunday, January 03, 2010

New publication for the new year

Like vampires? Like lesbian vampires?

Check out the new Torquere anthology, Vamps: A Lesbian Anthology with Teeth. It includes stories by several fabulous writers--and me. My own contribution. "Wherein Elen Encounters the Ladies," features Regency lesbian vampires in Wales.

Someone had to do it, anjavascript:void(0)d it gave me an opportunity to get my geek on in several ways--and use some of the research I'd done for my m/m Regency vampire story in Boys of the Bite. Not that I think there were a surfeit of vampires in the Regency, but the employer/servant relationship offers a lot of fine fodder for erotica!

A taste, safe for work if no one's looking too closely.

Soon, Elen was more naked than she’d been under anyone else’s gaze since she was a babe. You simply didn’t strip bare in front of other people, even a mother or sisters; you replaced one garment with another as quickly as possible, for warmth and modesty. In this lovely room with a fire blazing in the fireplace, the warmth wasn’t a problem, but the modesty…she simply didn’t have enough hands to cover everything that needed covering.

Cecilia laughed fondly. “Relax, child. One woman’s very like another.”

“Although it’s been years since we were as young and slender as you.”

Elen looked into Annie’s keen blue eyes and was startled by what she saw. Annie looked at her almost as intently as Mr. Watkins had, but where that look in Mr. Watkins’ piggy eyes was threatening, the way Annie studied her seemed more kindly.

Just as fascinated, though.

Just as lustful.

She must be imagining it, reading something nasty into what was probably born of thwarted motherly instincts or simple curiosity.

But something clenched inside her. She should be repulsed by what she fancied she saw in Annie’s eyes, but she wasn’t.

Not at all.

Her racing heart and the warmth flooding her belly sounded like what other girls hinted at when they talked about their sweethearts or husbands. Her nipples ached and she was sure they were swelling, although luckily she had them covered by her arm.

And between her legs, she was feeling dangerous, tempting, wonderful sensations that she certainly hadn’t when Ianto Williams kissed her.

Elen shuddered.

“Oh look, she’s shivering. Get into bed this instant, and we’ll join you shortly.”

Cecilia’s tone brooked no disagreement.

Once hidden under thick layers of coverlets in a comfortable bed, Elen felt more secure, more certain that she’d imagined what she’d seen in Annie’s eyes.

At least until her hostesses started undressing each other.


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