Friday, January 01, 2010

Goals? I had goals in 2009?

I'm still thinking about goals for the new year, but just for giggles, let's see how I did on last year's lofty goals:

Goals for 2009

Writing and Creativity

· Write something every day. Even if it’s only 250 words. Not even close. I wrote a lot, but in spurts.

· Get better about promo, but remember it’s not writing. I did indeed get more organized about promo. It's still a challenge for me, but I'm doing it. Which reminds me I have to look up the link for the website where I'm a featured author this coming week.

· Seriously investigate the cost of getting a Web site and take necessary steps to get one started. I’m way past due. It's started, but stalled because both the web guru and I got way too busy. Must get back to this.

· Find a way to have adventures and learn new things regularly. Not so much with the adventures, but I've learned to knit, learned a lot about gardening, and a lot about life, my work habits, and how to write.

· Take more pictures. I did--and I ended the year with a new camera. This year I learn to remember to do something with the pictures...

Daily Life

· Practice healthy habits, including yoga at least twice a week, regular walks, vitamins, lots of veggies and fruit.HA! I did eat lots of fruits and veggies, though, thanks to the garden.

· Meditate. Once in a while this happened.

· Plan menus, with an eye toward creativity, frugality, healthy tastiness, and less waste. This happened not as often as it should have. Overall we do pretty well with the stated goals, but the actual menu planning? Not so much.

· Expand vegetable garden. Done and to be continued!

· Preserve more seasonal foods. We have so many yummy green bean to enjoy, and even some tomatoes left. So I guess I did OK here. Not like my friend Kathie at Two Frog Home, but pretty well for a noob.

Business Practices

· *In 2009, record expenses and file things as they come in, not when you get around to it. Let's just be honest here. This did not happen.

All in all, I did better than I thought I had. Not so good with the writing consistency, but I was fairly productive nonetheless, even with working more hours and doing the garden. And thanks to Nano, I've been reminded I can be incredibly productive when I put my mind to it. (I wrote a 3000 word story and subbed it today.)

Tomorrow--new goals!


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