Monday, December 21, 2009

I see I've been a bad blogger

I've been a bad writer overall since the mad Nanowrimo rush. I tend toward binge writing, which, I suppose, is better than no writing (or, for that matter, binge drinking, a terrible habit I outgrew several decades ago), so while I'm productive in the long run, I can sometimes go a good while without writing and lose the rhythm of a piece.

I finally finished the long-neglected draft of Threshing the Grain, which needs revision ASAP. At roughly the same time, I must get back to two very different projects, the revision of OOTFP and completing Cougar's (collective noun), which may be renamed Shaman's Something or another or Puma's Passion, lest people think it's an older woman/younger man story. No, that would be Foxes' Den, since the heroine is over 1000...

But I digress. What have I been doing this month? Touching on facets of my life that were neglected in November. Holiday baking. Cooking. Crafting (did you know I love to knit?) Seeing my friends. Doing that all important "research" with my sweeties. :-) Even getting the house clean; I can't say I missed the cleaning, but I missed the cleanliness, and while the Cat-Herder is a great cook and keeps up with the basics while I'm up to my eyebrows in a book, certain areas get neglected.

These are all truly important things. So is writing.

Someday I'll figure out the perfect balance. Maybe in this lifetime, even!


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