Sunday, November 15, 2009

Still above goal

31,069 and counting...

I've figured out a terrible, terrible, rotten, awful thing to do to my heroine.

I'm excited. Aren't we authors sadistic? *chuckles evilly*

And I wrote a short story--well, pulled it together from a false start of a novel--in the morning.

And did a reading in the afternoon.

Not bad, considering yesterday was a write-off in terms of writing. We spent an absolutely great day at our friends Randy and Tracy's house, helping another set of friends put on a day of games, good food and good company for Randy after losing a bet to him. (It kind of escalated and what started out as a simple plan became delightfully complex and a lot of fun.) We ate. We laughed. Everyone but me drank--I, alas, was still on antibiotics.

And there were shirtless men boffer knife-fighting in the rain. It doesn't get much better, really.


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