Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Writing and other goals 2010

I said I'd do it! Here they are:

Goals and Big Projects 2010


Finish Cougar’s Collective-noun by March; polish and submit by April.
Start the next Duals and Donovans.
Get Threshing the Grain to my Phaze editor by late Jan. (It’s finished but needs revision.)
Write The Longest Night (last Seasons of Sorania novella, m/m or mmf) on time to get it in as a Yule story.
Finish Sophie Mouette projects (not putting a date on these since that involves Dayle’s schedule)
Ease back into writing poetry.

Garden and food preservation
Add new raised beds (w/Himself).
Build cold frame and/or hoop house/poly tunnel (w/Himself).
Can more tomatoes and make more salsa.
Can peaches.
Research fruit trees—peaches? Apples?
Add table grapes to yard.
Track garden yields, but be willing to stop if it makes me crazy.


Get back to 135 or whatever it takes to feel less soft and squishy in the wrong places.
Improve condition of my back.
Knit socks.
Do holiday gift knitting throughout the year so it’s actually done by Yule.
Conquer my fear of pie crust.
Add more local/organic food to our diet without breaking the budget.
Use time more efficiently (more doing, less blog-surfing).
Read more books (and fewer random blogs).

And most of all—HAVE FUN!


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