Saturday, December 02, 2006

Nothing like a good review to brighten a girl's day

I'm looking forward to another exciting 12-hour+ day of editing and working with proofreaders, in the home stretch of finishing up a book that has to be at the printer on Monday and still has a huge amount of work to do on it*, I just but in my in-box this morning, I found a link to a really good review of Cat Scratch Fever.

So, I may be stuck inside on a lovely day, and not doing my own writing, but hey, they like us. They really, really like us.

* Long story, but the short version is: someone else got unavoidably delayed and cleaning up the mess is now partly my problem. I really shouldn't complain; while there's a hellish aspect to trying to do so much so fast, I'll have a few months when it's done where I'll be able to focus on my writing without scrambling for editing work and other odd jobs. So I'm thankful for that. I just want Monday to be come and gone so I can sleep!


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