Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Interesting discussion all this week about erotic romance and erotica at


Today's installment features my Black Lace editor, Adam Nevill, with comments by some really smart writers. And if you're suffering from the misapprehension that writers of romance and erotica aren't that bright or sophisticated, this conversation might open your eyes. (Then again, if you really thought that, you wouldn't be reading my blog, would you?) Quotes from Susan Sontag and D.H. Lawrence, discussions about the place of de Sade in literary history...I felt rather outclassed, since I couldn't come up with something that profound to add.

It looks overall to be a conversation to watch if you're interested in the place of sex in books.

(And take a look at Adam. Don't I have a handsome editor? And he's really tall. Add the educated-Brit voice to that and you can imagine the trail of swooning women he left behind all over RWA.)


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