Thursday, February 04, 2010

Did I tell you I'm in Best of Best Women's Erotica 2? Well, I am, and it's now out, and I'm flying high! The story in this volume is "The Voice of an Angel," which originally appeared in BWE 2007 and combines Baroque music and eroticism in...odd ways. Oh, and my thing about costuming.

My mother, before I was born, did makeup for the Binghamton (NY) Opera, where my father sang baritone. I never knew my father. (my parents were divorced when I was an infant, messily enough that my grandmother refused to allow unsupervised visits with me and would sit glaring at him until he finally decided the pleasures of seeing a pre-verbal baby weren't worth putting up with that level of hostility.) But I grew up hearing opera around the house and hearing Mom's tales of life with a small opera company. She has a particular weakness for Baroque opera, particularly counter-tenors (maybe it's a reaction to my dad?), so I blame her or thank her for this story.

I don't think she'd much care for the story. She might like it if someone else wrote it. Mom's fairly liberal and has no objection to a good sexy story. I think the problem would be that I wrote it, and even though I'm 45, I'm still her little girl.

On the other hand, she'll be thrilled I'm in a Best of the Best collection.


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