Sunday, March 02, 2008

Spring has come! And Lady Sun Has Risen

The spring Equinox may be a few weeks away, but it's already arrived in my imaginary Soranian Empire. On this special day, Lady Sun and the Lord of Grain celebrate their springtime reunion in a sexy ritual, and mortals echo their passion with anyone who catches their eye. But is it just the energy of the season that draws together Miryea, a proper Soranian physician's apprentice with a lot of insecurities under her strong facade, and Adimir, half nomadic Kulchu and all muscle? Cultural differences and attacking slavers get in their way, but when the gods themselves are trying to tell you something, they'll find a way to make you listen.

Sex magic, spanking, and romance in a lush ancient land--what a great way to warm the last days of winter. And today, my novella Lady Sun Has Risen goes on sale at Phaze Books. Check it out!

It's funny, actually. I've had two books of poetry published, and a ton of short fiction, and of course Cat Scratch Fever. But because this is my first erotic romance long enough to stand alone, I'm squealing like a publication virgin. Whee!

Excerpt (Stop reading if you don't like sexy stuff--although if you don't, you're on the wrong blog.)

[For context, Adimir has just smacked Miryea's butt and she's not entirely sure how she feels about that.]

She took a deep breath, trying to let the cool spring air that filled her lungs cool the fire in her blood as well. “Slapping was on the list,” she snapped, putting all the indignation she knew she ought to feel into her voice, along with the bit she actually did feel. “How dare you...” She quivered in his firm grasp, half from lust, half from anger directed at least as much at herself as at Adimir.
“Same reason you dared to rub up instead of kneeing me in the ballocks,” he said. “We want each other. The Lord of Grain and Lady Sun are drawing us together as the seasons change. Makes us daring--crazy, even. Like this.”
He released her wrists. A dozen impulses flashed through her mind: fleeing; slapping Adimir’s too-handsome, too-smug face; smacking his ass and seeing how he liked it; climbing his glorious body like a tree.
What happened instead was that he pulled her close, cupped her stinging bottom with one big hand, and kissed her again, even more thoroughly than before.
It was a rough kiss, deep and hard and intense, opening her mouth and taking control of it. Thrusting with his tongue as he must want to do with his cock in her pussy. Kneading her tender ass as he kissed her, causing either pleasurable pain or painful pleasure. Each squeeze seemed to move her pussy lips together, letting her know exactly how wet and sensitized she was.
His free hand snaked into the neckline of her coats, slid down to feel the weight of her breast, toyed with a nipple. She cried out into his mouth as a bolt of pleasure shot through her.
Her knife dropped from fingers much more interested in touching him than keeping track of it.
Rolling her hips, she stretched on tiptoe to work herself against his hardness.
I’m a fool, she told herself, but she really didn’t care. Not now.
And when Adimir broke off the kiss and unbuttoned her coats--first the silk and wool outer one, then the light wool inner layer--and pushed aside the linen inner robe, she cared even less. A hot mouth suckling her nipples, first one, then the other, drawing them to peaks that felt as explosive as a volcano. A hand infiltrating the waistband of her salvar, reaching down to part her slick lips.
Adimir raised his head. “You’re like a river,” he said, “or the spring rains flooding the land. Amazing.”


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A religion where sex and sharp things and fire are important can't be all bad.


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