Monday, February 04, 2008

stuff, nonsense, and more stuff

So much for those weekly-or-more updates I'd resolved to do!

I do have an excuse. In the middle of life as we know it, which is busy enough, I had some special medical stuff going on this month. I'm all right in the big picture--that is, it's nothing dangerous, just something annoying and uncomfortable--and steps are underway to fix it. This will take a while and be annoying in its own right, but at least there's hope. (Yes, I'm being oblique about what it is. I don't want to use this blog as a forum for whining about my medical woes, but it does seem worth mentioning, since it has been affecting my writing and may continue to do so.)

But anyway, enough about that...

Dayle and I got the best rejection ever on Out of the Frying Pan, from Kensington. You know? It's almost more painful when you get a rejection that makes it clear that someone really adored your manuscript but couldn't buy it because it didn't quite fit their line. Sooo close! On the other hand, if one editor liked it that much, so will another, and with luck, she or he will have just the right slot in the line for a super-hot romantic comedy. We'll be blitzing the New York publishing world with queries and partials shortly.

Finished my pirate-ish novella (it's not really about pirates, but plays with the notion of pirates) today. One more pass over a printed copy to make sure I didn't make any dumb errors I missed onscreen, and it's off to the editor.

And now to look at my list of projects and decide which to focus on next. Revising Lion's Pride is one priority, but I want some new words going on at the same time.


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