Tuesday, February 26, 2008

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Before I get going, be sure to check out Lust Bites tomorrow. Dayle and I will be talking about Future Women (that is, our favorite science-fiction girl crushes.) Drop by and add your own favorite sexy women of the future.

Lady Sun Has Risen releases this Sunday, March 3. I'll be annoying you all with more details when the link goes live. Meanwhile, a teaser...

What Adimirdid next, though, was nothing Miryea could have anticipated.
He pulled his hand back and smacked her ass.
The force of the blow would have made her stagger except for his firm grip on her wrists. She squeaked, more from surprise than pain, tried to squirm away. Shocked, and drunk on sensation from the kiss, she was slow to react, her body sending mixed signals to her brain—was this pain or pleasure?
The second thwack made her knees buckle, and the third was just as forceful. By the third, though, she'd found her voice, if not the coordination to fight back effectively in any other way, and exclaimed,"Stop it!"
"That should teach you to be more sensible," he snarled, giving her one last thwack, as if carried by momentum.
Like the spankings her grandmother had administered when she was much younger, these smacks were more loud and startling than painful.
But being spanked by a handsome beast of half-Kulchu male was a very different experience.
These swats left more than her bottom throbbing.
Her breasts, her sex, and everything in between, already sparked to life by the kiss, tingled with excitement. Her ass throbbed rhythmically, but it was far more pleasurable than painful. The rhythm of sex, in fact. She felt herself swelling, moistening.


Managed to get Threshing the Grain going again, although I'm still having some doubts I'm going in the right direction. Then again, I reach that point with everything I write, so I'll keep plugging along.

Enough promo. Back to actual writing!


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