Friday, February 15, 2008


The problem with Threshing the Grain, at this point, is not the lack of nookie. It's the lack of...oomph. I started the story with what seemed like a good plot and a good premise, but it's wandering all over the place. The hero isn't interesting, the heroine seems interesting but not necessarily likeable (she's an escaped slave who's reacting to her freedom with panic and an urge to find a male "protector" since it's what she's used to--believable, I think, but if she stays in this state too long I run the risk of losing readers), everyone is being much too introspective, and I haven't really figured out what the hero's journey needs to be, other than going from "about to marry the wrong woman" to "about to marry the right woman, after getting thoroughly shagged a few times." And the external conflict? It has the potential for excitement and character growth, but I haven't really set it up properly.

What I need to do is step back and decide if the instrument is hopelessly flawed--if I need to brainstorm more about Nikos so he's not such a stick figure, then start pretty much from scratch--or if I can retrofit.

I suspect "start from scratch" will be the order of the day. This prospect makes my head hurt.

Luckily I'm going out to see the Big Bad Voodoo Daddies tonight. That should keep me from moping about my messed-up novella, at least until tomorrow.


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