Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Come visit Lust Bites today as Dayle and I wax rhapsodic over the men of science fiction. If you've ever wanted to be carried off in the Tardis, romp with the men of Firefly, or get sandwiched between Jack and Daniel of Stargate, come and join in the fun. Tell us who your favorite "future men" are.

(We're equal opportunity. Next week, we'll talk about the women of science fiction media, and I'll try to figure out my fetish for gun-toting women in uniform. Ah, Ivanova!)

This post, by the way, had some kind of curse on it. It kept getting eaten by email. Torchwood needs to investigate, because there are clearly aliens in cyberspace. They need to send Jack and Ianto to my house ASAP!


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