Sunday, November 04, 2007

After my last post, Sven and I basically parted ways. On the rare occasions I've had time to write much in the past two weeks, I've lacked the brain cells to get much done. I've been plodding along at the lions book, but it took a week to write one sex scene. Granted, it was a threesome with male-male interaction and took a bit of set-up and lots of imaginary choreography, but that's ridiculous! Must get back in gear tomorrow. I have the first rounds of edits to review on my Phase novella, which should help kickstart things.

In far more exciting news, Love on the Dark Side is now available in the US. (It's been out in the UK for several months now.) A fun and sexy collection of paranormal erotica, much of it on the romantic side, and featuring both me and my Sophie Mouette alter ego.

There's a review here (thanks to Dayle for pointing it out). Of the Sophie Mouette story, "Stranger to My Shores," it says
"Marine biologist Maris' head is swimming when she gets just what she desires when a life-changing meeting with a sick merman requires her expertise, and love finds a way to survive, no matter what the penalty. A Stranger to my Shores by Sophie Mouette makes a splash with this sweet and tender romance where two very different people yearn to be together, against all odds."

This was one of the first stories we wrote together and I'm thrilled it's found a good home.

My solo story is "To Stand Between the Wild and the Human," a tale of a conservation biologist who meets a kitsune--a shapeshifting and very seductive Japanese fox-spirit. Says the review, "a seductive tale about a woman who meets a Kitsune, who is a spirit-fox and a notorious trickster, and one hell of a sly plan in the entertaining To Stand Between the Wild and the Human."

I seem to write about conservation biologists a lot. I suppose it's all those years at the New England Aquarium. It seems like a fascinating job, and you can put them in interesting settings where you might meet a merman or a kitsune.


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