Saturday, October 13, 2007

2000 words and beach

God, today was a glorious fall day. We headed down to Horseneck Beach in Dartmouth and spent a few hours just walking on the shore, listening to the waves and the wind and recharging. Between that and a decent night's sleep last night, I feel almost human again. No ospreys, but marsh hawks or something over the highway--a pair, circling majestically on an updraft--and all sorts of adorable, comical shorebirds.

And a huge purple jelly (better known as a jellyfish, but I worked way too long at the New England Aquarium, where we were not allowed to call them that because they're not fish) washed up on shore. I took pictures because it was so strangely beautiful, like Venetian glass or some abstract art. If they look halfway decent, I'll post them.

2000 words today on the Super-Sekrit Novella, and it's back to Dayle because I'm a bit too sleepy to plot through the next bit. Sven, I'm getting my writing muscles back in shape. Getting ready for you, you hot, sweaty Swede you.


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