Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Caution: Lions at Play

The good news: I wrote the last chapter for my lion and witch book. (No wardrobe involved although when--not if--it gets published, I'm sure some reviewer will make the joke. I certainly would.)

The bad news: I still have about 25K to write before I reach said ending. (And then at least 25K of miscellaneous ramblings and subplot that didn't gel to cut, but that's another adventure and I can't let myself worry about that yet.) But I was sitting there staring at the next logical scene and suddenly the end--and a proper answer to one of the central questions of the book, that I'd had an answer I was increasingly unsatisfied with--popped into my head and I had to write it.

The news that's both good and bad: The way it now ends cries out for a sequel. And since I'm already pretty sure it needs a prequel to get Heroine and Hero#1 together, this means the dreaded trilogy.

Good thing I like my lions and my witch and the crazy world they live in, eh?


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