Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ich bin auf deutsch

Cat Scratch Fever is out in a German edition!

The title translates as "Sharp Claws," which isn't exactly the right idea, but isn't the cover pretty?

The only reason I know what the title means is because my lovely co-author either worked it out or asked Babel Fish. My German professors would have my head if they knew how much I'd forgotten! I read Goethe in the original once--but that was more than twenty years ago.

Fortunately Ursula "Kitten with a Whip" Beitter has long since forgotten me. Unfortunately Sydna "Bunny" Weiss passed away a few years after I graduated. Sad, that. Sydna was an inspiration in many ways. She taught me many valuable lessons, including that a grown-up could choose to have lousy furniture and an old car and save her pennies for travel and book-buying, and that smart women read erotica. The German lessons, though, didn't sink in so well.

(I realize, looking back, that Dr. Weiss, who seemed tremendously old way back then, was only a few years older when she died than I am now...and that Dr. Beitter, the "hot older woman" who lured all the frat boys to take German although she was one of the toughest professors on campus, was probably a decade younger than I am. How weird is that?)


At 12:03 AM, Blogger Anne Tourney said...

Your baby in German -- congratulations! I don't think I could read a word of German anymore. It was so hard for me to learn it, you'd think I'd have retained every flipping phrase.

Yes, it's definitely eerie when people we remember as "old" turn out to be younger than we are now. I remember being terrified on my mother's 29th birthday, thinking that seemed so close to the grave :).

At 11:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When did you have Dr. Beitter for German, and at what University? I think I have the same professor now - black hair and definitely a bit crazy. I am a major and have taken most of my classes with her since we have a pretty small German department. What did you think of her? Good or bad learning experience?


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