Monday, January 08, 2007

Fetish Flea Reading...

Come visit the world where I sometimes play, and hear me and several other fabulous women read their erotic work at the Fetish Fair Fleamarket, to be held in Danvers, MA the weekend of Jan. 26-28. The reading is on Sunday the 28th at 11:30. Hear some great erotica. Buy something to spice up your private life or tiptoe into a workshop on some intriguing subject. Learn just how great some people look in leather and vinyl--and how appalling others do.

Seriously, the Fetish Fair Fleamarket is a great community event. For one, it's about sex, and kinky sex at that. What's not to like? It's also raises money for an organization called La Red (, which works to end domestic violence within the lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities, and for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, which, as an erotica writer and a person who isn't exactly Ms. White Picket Fence (although I wouldn't mind a white picket fence to surround my garden) is a cause I definitely support. So use me as an excuse and check it out.


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