Tuesday, January 02, 2007

random bites of writing-related info

Interested in reading a whole group of articulate, interesting women writing about writing about sex and love? Check out the new Cheek/BL group author blog, http://www.lustbites.blogspot.com/.

There's a great review of Cat Scratch Fever up on this site. Here's hoping it drives many readers to bookstores.

I may be doing a reading at the Boston Fetish Fair Fleamarket the last weekend of this month--details to come.

Today's work included correcting proofs on two stories for an upcoming Black Lace anthology, one mine and one Sophie's and finishing up the draft of Chapter 4 of Out of the Frying Pan. Tomorrow will be another anthology story, and, I hope, some dull but necessary planning and office-cleaning. My office has become a bit of a shambles, and the desk is buried.

And cleaning the desk has become more important now that I once again have a cat who likes to drape on the desk while I work. Not only do I need to make space for this large beast; I also have to clean fur out of the keyboard.


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