Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mixed Messages

The reviewer at LoveRomancesandMore says we're a hot light read, but really isn't sure about our heroine's lively and varied love life prior to hooking up with the hero. (Interestingly, she doesn't complain about our hero, who doesn't exactly keep in his pants either.)

I have to say that some of what's going on here is that we wrote the book thinking "erotica with a romantic subplot," but it's being promoted (by us to some extent, and definitely by the publisher) as "erotic romance." This helps reach a wider audience, which is good, but these days the label erotic romance is being used to cover a lot of territory, from a fairly conventional one-couple love story in which the sex scenes are unusually adventurous and explicit to wild 'n' crazy, anything-consensual-between-adults-goes erotica written with het female readers in mind. Some readers like the diversity and loosey-goosey genre definition. Others want to know up front if they're getting a side of sex with their love story or a side of love with their sex story.

For those of you who've read Cat Scratch Fever already, what's your opinion: erotic romance or erotica with a touch of romance? (And if you haven't gotten to read it yet, pre-order your copy, read it when it arrives, and let me know what you think!)


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