Friday, June 18, 2010

If I'm a legend, how come I have to go to work today?

This just in (via my amazing coauthor Dayle, whose Google alerts must work better than mine).

Editor, sexuality educator/activist and all around phenomenal woman Violet Blue was talking on her blog about her new, Independent Book Publishers Award winning anthology Sweet Love: Erotic Fantasies for Couples and said this:

"The book includes legendary erotica heavy-hitters such as... Andrea Dayle [that's Dayle] ... Teresa Noelle Roberts...and many more."

We're legendary erotica heavy-hitters? Who, me? I haven't hit anyone since one drunken night in college when Gregg's ex-boyfriend got too obnoxious. (The folks I used to fence with can verify I can't even hit bring myself anyone with a pointy object if they're in proper protective gear!)

The book includes such real erotica legends as Thomas Roche, Alison Tyler (both of whom have edited me in the past) and a slew of others. I'm honored even to be there, let alone compared to such greats.

Later I'll have more exciting news, but my time here is done. Boy howdy is it!

CAVEAT: Violet Blue's site isn't even remotely safe for work. It's tasteful and fun and not likely to offend most of my regular readers, but it's not for the office.


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