Saturday, March 14, 2009

What I did today instead of writing...

I put arugula, spinach, radishes, and 2 different asian greens (just a few seeds of those) into the south-facing bed that's snug up against my house and is practically its own climate zone. Tomorrow the first round of sugar snap peas go in! Indoors, I've started Hanson head lettuce (an antique precursor of Iceberg, it's a crisphead like the the bland standby, but supposedly tastes like something other than crunchy water), lime basil, thai basil, "nero di toscano" kale, and one six-pack of Oregon spring tomatoes, which will be going out extra early, either in pots or under cloches made of old milk bottles.

Tomorrow, we start work on the new bed, the $6000 garden (brought to us courtesy of Town Hall, which had the sewer connection in two different places on two different maps--and it was actually somewhere between the two points and to the north a bit...). Hey, if the side lawn's ripped to shreds and half dug up anyway, might as well put a garden there.

The side bed is also full of spring bulbs, which I'm trying to work around. I've moved most of the other ornamentals out--will move and divide the last dragon's blood sedum when it's a bit warmer. There's a big patch of daylilies though, and I'm leaving them for the moment. Daylilies are edible, right? OK, they're edible and gorgeous, and much as I love yummy food, I need my shinies too.

Factor in the errand running and a dinner out with family and I feel like I had a damn productive day.

Just not in a writing kind of way. But these first nice days of spring make it damn near impossible for a gardening writer to stay by her computer.


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