Saturday, December 27, 2008

Myth? Myth? Yeth?

OK, I'm a little feverish and feeling silly, because Like a Myth despite my being unable to resist the bad pun, isn't comedy. It's four tales of supernatural erotica in convenient e-book format (read it on your Palm or iPhone, right at work!) and, you guessed it, one is by yours truly. (Another is by my co-author Dayle's Andrea Dale persona, and it's beautiful!)

"Tara is Compassion, Tara is Play" is about a very special kind of divine intervention and is my only piece of erotica to date inspired by a choreography. You see, my dance troupe was taking part in a memorial/healing ritual for World AIDS Day, and the music we were using was a devotional to the Bodhisattva Tara, so we did a little research on her. Seems she was a bit mischievious...

I just hope she has a sense of humor.


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