Monday, March 17, 2008

Easter/Vernal Equinox weekend sale at Phaze

Disclaimer: The following intends no disrespect for Easter and those who celebrate it as a solemn yet joyous Christian holiday. But since the Resurrection and erotic romance don't go hand-in-hand, even in my weird and eclectic brain, I'm focusing on the Vernal Equinox (which ties in to my novella) and the secular, bunnies-and-spring-sunshine side of the upcoming holiday.

What better way to celebrate the Vernal Equinox than to get a copy of my Equinox-themed book Lady Sun Has Risen (and any other Phaze titles that strikes your fancy) for 20% off, and a chance to win a goodie basket?

OK, I think my characters have a better way of celebrating, but since most of us don't practice religions where wild kinky sex with strangers is standard practice on the first day of spring, consider buying a few eco-friendly e-books in between eating Peeps and chocolate bunnies and if you're lucky, having wild sex (kinky or not as it suits you) with someone you love.

The Details:

For Easter weekend Phaze will have a 20% sale and a drawing. The code for the
sale will be BUNNY08 and will be good from Saturday 3/22 through Monday 3/24. The
drawing will be for a Phaze gift pack and other goodies, which will go to
a random member of our announcement list.

Go to, find books of your choice, and use that code to get your discount. Then you'll have plenty to read on those inevitable rainy spring days. It's even better than the half-price candy sale on Monday morning.


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