Monday, June 12, 2006

Reviews! We're getting reviews!

The British adult magazine For Women says of Cat Scratch Fever: "Cat Scratch Fever combines a cleverly unfolding mystery with some steamy sex among the animal cages to leave you purring with pleasure." They liked the mystery! They didn't just like the hot sex; they liked the mystery!

And while we're not actually reviewed yet per se, we're mentioned, and our fabulous cover art is displayed, on Fresh Fiction and Fallen Angel Review.

In other news, I'm plugging away at Making Master Right and at various short fictions. Started a new fantasy short, aimed at the new Carnifex Press magazine, which is amusing me to no end, although I know I'm starting out in a meandering way that will have to be reined in during the rewrite stage. Nothing seems to be going too fast in Writing-Land, but I did manage 1,500 words on two shorts, plus a boatload of research and requests for various potential review sites for CSF. (In the process, I ordered two new ebooks and added about 50 titles to my mental To Be Read list, but who's counting?)

Speaking of Carnifex Press, two things:
1) They recently accepted one of my shorts, "A Snow of Moths," for a 2007 anthology. This is one of the few fantasy (actually dark fantasy bordering on horror) stories in several years that I've completed to my satisfaction and the first to get accepted since "Demon Bone." Woot!

2) Read the interview with Dayle at And then buy Clash of Steel: Assassins. It's an inexpensive chapbook that will fill any heroic fantasy cravings you may have, and it has one of her stories in it.


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