Monday, March 27, 2006

Garden of the Perverse is out!

This collection of "adult fairy tales" contains my story "The Unicorn and the Strumpet." (I feel the need to apologize to Peter S. Beagle for this bit of naughtiness; when I wrote it, I was not consciously thinking about his beautiful, and not naughty, The Last Unicorn, but I think it must have been floating in the back of my brain somewhere.)

In any case, you can order it online at

Meanwhile, in other writing news: Dayle and I were both honored to have an editor request that we submit to a particular "invitation-only" anthology. Whee! When we hear about our submissions, we'll tell more.

Meanwhile, slogging on with Making Master Right. I've finally managed to get the hero and heroine sparking off each other. Ultimately, the first chapter may be completely redone, but for now... it moves forward.

I'm also working on edits for Controlled Burn, otherwise known as the Neverending Project. I wrote the first draft for NaNoWriMo 2004 and have been unsure what to do with it since. It's a good story and I'm quite attached to it, but it's a bit short to be "women's fiction" for most publishers and a bit odd to be a "romance." Curiously, though, it might go at Harlequin NEXT, which is their "40ish women encounter new challenges and triumph" line. They might find the style too literary, but what the hell--it's not going anywhere sitting on my hard drive.


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