Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Hawk's Frequency, now available online

Direct from the publisher, at

Someday soon, I will do an actual update, with reflections on the writing life and actual content. Of late, though, the writing life has largely been the "catching up on housework" life, the "dealing with various minor issues that, while less dramatic than those faced by my characters, are actually in the real world and need attention more than my characters' problems do, since they will just sit quietly in my computer until I get back to them" life, the "editing for money" life, the "getting ready for a dance performance" life--i.e., the rest of my life.

Occasionally, I need to remind myself that part of the reason I opted to drop out of the conventional workforce was to achieve more balance, to be able to say that occasionally something other than Work--the needs of my family and friends, the fact it's spring and certain things have to happen in the yard at certain times if they're to happen at all (planting, pruning), even a bit of fun--needs to take priority for a few days at a stretch. I realize that this means I will never have the productivity of a Nora Roberts. I'm all right with that. I also realize that I can't let it happen all the time.


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