Thursday, March 16, 2006

And it's off!

The proposal and first three chapters of the novel formerly known as Chloe, now called Out of the Frying Pan (thanks, Dayle, for being better at titles than I am), is off to our editor, who has acknowledged receipt.

Now we wait and see if he likes it as is or what changes he might suggest.

Wait, of course, suggests we'll be sitting back on our butts during this time. This isn't true. We'll be sitting on our butts, all right, but with hands firmly on our keyboards, working on other projects. I have a solo novel proposal that I want to hammer out before the Romance Writers New England Chapter (RWA-NEC) conference the second weekend of April, when I'll be meeting with an editor from the Kensington erotic romance lines. Dayle has several projects in the works. And there's always short fiction.

But still, we'll be waiting...

Yesterday's progress: 2 new poems drafted, roughly 1200 words on the new novel (I actually wrote more than that, but realized one scene was from the wrong point of view and had to redo it)

Today I may not get much writing in, between doctor's appointments and rehearsals and doing some (hairball noise) housework. But there will be some.


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