Wednesday, March 23, 2011

5-Star Review--and I Can't Access It!

The Romance Reviews (TRR) gave Threshing the Grain a 5-star review--and I can't get the Website to open on any computer in this house!

Here's a lovely snippet, though:

"Teresa Noelle Roberts has built a complex and intriguing world in her
fantasy that is imbued with magic rooted in sex..."Threshing the Grain"
is a dark fantasy with passionate eroticism...I am certain Ms. Roberts
is developing a series with "Threshing the Grain" and I highly
recommend this story to readers who enjoy stories where the heroine
loves to be spanked. You will not be disappointed."

Read more here (if you can!)

Buy the book here.

Could someone who knows me in RL copy the review and send it to me, she asks pathetically?


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