Monday, January 31, 2011

Link Love

No, that's not the title of an erotic romance about either golfers or folks who are just a bit too fond of chainmail(though around here, you're forgiven for thinking either.) It's a round-up of some fun stuff from around the Web. I'm a bit weary tonight, so instead of blathering on about something or another, I thought I'd share some bits of goodness I've found elsewhere. Surprisingly enough, you can click on most of these links at the office and not risk appalling/offending/arousing your co-workers. It's not all about the sex here. Just usually.

It's Only a be creative or not to be. This blog is put together by my very creative friend Kathie, who also writes the cozy and thought-provoking simple living blog, Two Frog Home.

And because I find other people's creative processes fascinating, an interview with the above-mentioned Kathie.

Important safety tips for the published
(or soon to be published, or hoping to be published) writer.

Book trailer for Gotta Have It: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex. (OK, this one is decidedly NSW). I'm in the book, but not in the trailer, except as a quick mention of the title, "Laughter in Hades."

And because every writer (heck, every working person) needs tasty recipes that all but cook themselves, a sample from a very handy Website.


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