Monday, January 10, 2011

"Fools' names as well as faces...

oft are seen in public places."

That's a quote from my grandmother's grandfather, who was a fairly noted architect in his era, but so modest his family cemetery plot didn't have any grave markers on it, let alone the ostentatious ones beloved by middle-class Victorians--just a small tag, "Keely," on the fence that marked off the area.

I suspect he wouldn't approve of the way I toot my own horn in public constantly. As a Victorian Catholic gentleman, he would certainly not approve of the erotic books I'm promoting.

But I digress. I'm here to toot my own horn again quickly and say that Threshing the Grain is live. Actually on sale. A real, genuine book.

And I am very excited indeed, and more than a little nervous. It's an act of faith to write a book and perhaps an even greater one to send it forth into the world, to be read or ignored by the masses. Good luck, little book. May you make many friends--and may some of them not be afraid to share your name and face/cover in public places.


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