Thursday, November 04, 2010

Signing papers and making changes

Yesterday I signed a contract with Phaze for A Satyr for Midwinter. Gods and grid willing, it should be coming to your favorite e-book retailer sometime early next year, date TBD. I don't even have a firm pub date for Threshing the Grain yet, though, so "sometime early next year" will do for now.

Soon we'll be signing refinance paperwork, which will make the Cat-Herder and I very happy inasmuch as we'll have considerably lower mortgage payments.

And today I signed the offer letter for a new job--my first full-time job, other than writing, in more than five years. I've been working part-time, sometimes very part-time, for all those years, and this will be a huge change, affecting my writing and our home life in ways I'm trying not panic about.

The truth is, costs are rising faster than my husband's salary and my book sales can accomodate. This is a change we need to make. I'm fortunate that I found a job that sounds genuinely fun by my geeky standards. (It involves research!) And hey, it'll be good to go to work in something other than pajamas.

I'll have to be a lot stricter with myself about keeping to a writing schedule. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Especially during my unemployment, the amount of time I had became as much an obstacle as it was a gift. Far too easy to think "I'll work later" and then get distracted.

Wish me luck!


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