Saturday, September 04, 2010

Much Ado about Earl

We did not get a hurricane yesterday or even a proper tropical storm in this part of Massachusetts. Even the Cape and Islands, which had been bracing for trouble, got brushed rather than hit full on and, judging from the pictures I've seen, it turned into a party atmosphere. As people realized they were getting wild surf and rain, but not the fierce storm they'd feared, they headed out to the beaches.

I think it's windier here today than it got last night, and by windy I mean normal late summer/early fall occasional gusts.

But I can't deny that the passage of a hurricane, even well off the coast and much diminished in strength, affects me in a curious way. I was antsy, unable to focus on anything except reading, keyed up, ready to jump out of my skin. If Himself had been home, I'm sure I could have found an outlet for the restlessness :-) or we might have ended up joining the slightly mad people watching the surf. As it was, I picked up books and put them down, started projects and couldn't finish them, felt exhausted but couldn't contemplate sleep, read great chunks of a book review blog without absorbing much of anything or remembering to write down the titles of books that sounded interesting. When I finally went to bed, I tossed and turned restlessly, even though I'd finally headed upstairs around 1. Eventually, though, surrounded by cats, I passed out.

And woke up full of energy to bright, clear weather.

Any interesting Earl stories where you were? Not too interesting, I hope!


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