Sunday, July 11, 2010

Congratulatins, Kari

The winner of my Lions' Pride contest--randomly chosen by Random by rolling a D20--is Kari Thomas. Congratulations!

Thanks to everyone for all the wacky shifter suggestions. My Muse has them all under consideration, although she's telling something like a squirrel or a lemur would have to be a sidekick. (Nothing wrong with that. Heroes and heroines need buddies and think what a lemur's tiny opposable thumbs and disarming cuteness could do in the cause of righteousness.) Bird of prey, sea critter and mongoose are the top choices, or maybe a hyena who wants to "go straight", but we'll see what my Muse decides to do with all of them. I have to say I love the whale idea, but for the insanely cool great whales, the logistics don't work.


At 2:33 PM, Anonymous Shannon L. Arrant said...

Congrats Kari!

I'm glad my squirrel suggestion got your Muse thinking, even a little bit. Where I live in surburbia, I am surrounded by them. As cute and cuddly as they might seem, they can be evil little buggers. They run out in front of cars and cause all sorts of damage to houses. They even rub their wicked little squirrel hands together like some sort of mad, evil geniuses. Only time will tell what crazy schemes full of doom and destruction they're plotting. I wouldn't be surprised if the end comes in 2012, it comes at the hands of the squirrels.

...oh yes, I'm totally giggling right now. I hope you are, too!

By the way, d20s are awesome! Even though they don't get used as much as they used to, I love mine :-)


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