Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pirate's Booty goes live tomorrow (well, actually tonight at some unholy hour) at Phaze.

I'm very excited about this novella. It involves pirates, writing, history (in particular the history of Block Island, Rhode Island), the ocean--and of course sex and romance. In this case, I wrote about two couples: a New England pirate and his respectable childhood sweetheart in 1712 and a romance writer (who's telling the pirate's story) and a Block Island native who knows way too much about local history.

And did I mention the sex part?

Even the blurb is...well, it's safe for work, but suggestive.

A pirate knew when to be subtle and when to be fierce, knew when to seize what he wanted and when to work his way into position so delicately that the enemy didn't know what was happening until it was too late.

Abby was hardly the enemy, but he would sneak up on her defenses as if she was. Her heart was well guarded against him, like a treasure ship, but he'd taken those before. Now that her body was open, vulnerable, the rest would be…not easy, but easier.

Block Island , Rhode Island 1712: Matthew, poor and illegitimate, left home to become a sailor but instead turned to piracy. Now rich, rakish, and with an undeniably sexy swagger, he's returned to his New England home in winter to court his childhood sweetheart. But will Abby, now a respectable young widow, recoil from his criminal ways, or will a fierce winter storm and her own fierce needs drive them together?

“You know what happens to a pirate's captive wench, right?”

“She gets taken brutally?” she said, her voice bright and hopeful, though unsteady with need.

“She gets tied up and taken brutally,” he corrected.

Block Island Rhode Island 2008: Holed up in a rented cottage to immerse herself in the fictional romantic exploits of her characters Matthew and Abby, Elizabeth is ill-prepared for a blizzard that knocks out power and isolates the island from the mainland. Her gorgeous neighbor Lucius comes to the rescue, even though their earlier sexy close encounter on the winter beach was spoiled by a ridiculous argument about fictional versus real pirates. Trapped in Lucius' house by the storm, though, they discover shared passion for a few subjects other than local history…


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