Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rubber Sex? Rubber Sex!

Have I mentioned here that I have a story appearing in Rachel Kramer Bussel's soon-to-be-released Rubber Sex anthology? Well, I do, and it's at the very end of pre-order from Amazon, so order now and save. It'll ship soon.

This project is one of the more unusual ones I've been involved in. Writing a story involving rubber or latex was quite interesting for me, because rubber and latex aren't my thing. I don't even much like the look, let alone the hot, sticky texture, and I'm mildly allergic to latex in any case. I could have easily passed on this call for submissions and stuck with topics I know.

Instead I took it as a challenge, and the result is "How to Liven Up a Boring Party." I'll freely admit I choose the set-up--a woman accomodating her partner's kink, although it's not hers, because his reaction is worth it--because it made my work easier. I can get into that mindset a lot more easily than I can the mindset of someone who's grooving on something I find harmless, but not at all to my taste. But in order to write the story at all, I had to understand what people who have this kink get from it, so I found myself reading blogs such as Latex Lady's.  (Warning: This blog is is a fairly explicit account of an unusual way of living. She doesn't just indulge in her fascination with latex once in a while--she lives it 24/7. I found it fascinating because not many people have the courage to live their desires as fully as she and her husband do. But it's not going to be for everyone's taste!)


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