Wednesday, May 30, 2007

back on track

5000 words yesterday and 1500 or so today on the naughty lions. This is turning into a very, very sexy paranormal more than the erotic romance I thought it would be, but I'll just write the bloody thing and then get one of my critters to tell me what genre I should pitch it as! I can't help it. I love fantasy, and if I have a chance to play with supernatural creatures and magic, that's going to take at least as much as time as the love story.

The 1500 words came AFTER spring-cleaning for 6 hours solid; we decided that we'd never get to it on a weekend so we'd just take a weekday and do it. Boy is the house gleaming--all except the office, which is waiting for a time when someone with actual muscle can come and help Himself move the desks so we can lay the new carpet. I'm amazed by how good things look. Almost cried when some crumbs fell while we made dinner. Okay, the crying is an exaggeration, but I did curse a bit more than was warranted!

I got paid for several stories in the last few days, which is always good, and got a tentative acceptance (pending publisher approval) for a fun erotica anthology that I'll tell more about assuming the acceptance is confirmed.

Watch this space! On June 18, I'll be participating in a "blog tour" to promote Iridescence: Sensuous Shades of Lesbian Erotica. I'll be answering some fun questions, including "Why do you write erotica?" and "what do you like best about lesbian erotica?" Several of my writer friends, including Dayle, will be participating; I'll post some linkies when I have them.

In other news, my friend Kate Pearce's new book Where Have All the Cowboys Gone came out in the US yesterday. (It's been out in the UK for a couple of months now.) If you like a good sexy romance with a cowboy hero, go get it!


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